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Since 1950, AlASEAL apiaries have spread throughout Egypt by producing natural honey in addition to all other honey products. To ensure providing the highest possible quality for honey lovers in Egypt and the whole world we have developed our apiaries and we increased the number of bee breeds specialized in the production of all bee products. We established a modern-day factory specialized in processing and packing honey according to the highest international standards of ISO 22000 in compliance with the Egyptian quality standards 355 for the year 2005. 

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Facts and research

Natural Honey

Honey is an important food substance containing sugars, most of which are mono, yeast, amino acids, various vitamins and minerals.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a nutritious, fast-digesting and royal food.


Natural beeswax is a beeswax produced in beeswax, one of the substances that bees make.

Quality Certificates

Premium Quality Egyptian products

Premium Quality Egyptian products

ISO Certificate (ISO 22000)

ISO Certificate (ISO 22000)

Egyptian Halal Mark

Egyptian Halal Mark

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